Metabolic Nutrition Tri-PEP BCAA (Select Flavor)

Metabolic Nutrition Tri-PEP BCAA (Select Flavor)


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Metabolic Nutrition Tri-PEP

Branched Chain Amino Acid

40 Servings / 10g BCAA 2:1:1


Engineered for maximal absorption and prolonged amino acid delivery, TRI-PEP takes BCAAs to the next level by using a unique peptide bonded technology to ensure the highest efficacy possible in every scoop.*

BCAAs have been well-established in the scientific literature to be a valuable addition to any training regimen. Whether endurance, strength, or muscle size is your goal, branch-chained amino acids help improve recovery, build muscle and heighten overall amino acid concentration in the blood.*

Where free form amino acids fail, however, TRI-PEP excels through its unique Peptide bonds. These bonded peptides help elevate glycogen levels, improve absorption, and help promote endurance while limiting muscle tissue breakdown. Additionally, TRI-PEP utilizes an exclusive HYDRA-SORB™ process that improves mixibility and taste when mixed with water or your favorite beverage.*


Do not exceed recommended dose. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18, those with a medical condition, or those with a history of kidney disease. Do not use if pregnant or lactating. If you are under the care of a physician, please consult your physician before using this product. Do not use if tamper resistant seal is broken. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN, STORE IN A COOL, DRY PLACE AND AVOID EXCESSIVE HEAT.


ON TRAINING DAYS: Mix one to two scoops with 12-16 fl. oz. of cold water, juice or sports drink, intra and/or post workout.

ON NON-TRAINING DAYS: To further speed recovery and preserve muscle mass, take one scoop with 12 fl. oz. of cold water in the AM and PM.

NOTE: Tri-PEP BCAAs can be added to C.G.P., T.A.G. or any Metabolic Nutrition pre-workout supplement for added physical endurance, muscle pumps, and increased strength.


How is Tri-Pep different from other BAA products currently on the market?

  • TRI-PEP is different from other BCAA products.  TRI-PEP is a hybrid of the BCAA. It involves a “peptide” bonded amino acid structure to the individual branch chain amino acids.  This “peptide” bond effectively changes the chemical structure of the BCAA from a hydrophobic (water repelling) substrate to one that is now hydrophyllic (water attracting).  By doing this, the chemical flavor common with BCAA was neutralized, thus leading to a better foundation for flavoring.*

How does Tri-Pep function?

  • The unique “peptide” structure facilitates faster absorption at the stomach level into the hepatic system (blood circulatory) as opposed to lower intestine.
  • The “tri” peptide bonding actually acts in a 5-fold benefit for the compound:
  • Increased lipid-by-layer transport into the cell structure
  • Able to deliver 5 key amine structures with less time and energy as compared to regular free form structures (i.e. BCAA)
  • Increased stability of the chemical amine structure with increased bioavailability
  • 100% solubility into water
  • Consumer friendly neutral taste characteristic
  • TRI-PEP provides 90% of the required exogeneous blood plasma amino acids required after physical strenuous activity
  • TRI-PEP improves insulin sensitivity due to its non-caloric, non-carbohydrate gluconeogenisis to produce glycogen.  This initiates in a rapid and more efficient use of triglycerides conversion to glycogen and thus results in body fat weight loss and a higher metabolic rate.*

What ratio of BCAAs is used in Tri-Pep?

  • Yes, TRI-PEP still follows the scientifically researched 2:1:1 ratio clinically tested ratio recommended for all BCAA supplementation.*

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