Bucked Up - Pixie Pump Sticks - Sour Gummy (Select Size)

Bucked Up - Pixie Pump Sticks - Sour Gummy (Select Size)

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Bucked Up - Pixie Pump Sticks


Sour Gummy


Pump | Focus | Non-Stim Energy


1 Stick | Box of 24 Sticks


 From The Brand:

Pixie Pump combines two clinically dosed key ingredients to help unleash your full fitness potential; Nitrosigine to promote increased blood flow and muscle recovery,* and Agmatine to boost mood,* cognitive function,* and athletic performance.* Available in four mouthwatering flavors, and no need to mix with water, Pixie Pump’s caffeine free, non-stimulant formula makes it perfect for any on-the-go activity, impromptu workout, or just a little push to get through your day.

Remember when you were a kid? All you needed to have an incredible day was your bike, a few friends, and a pocket full of candy. 

Well, Pixie Pump is one delicious treat that is definitely not for kids. This is for serious workouts, shattering PR’s, and crushing expectations. Just pour it on your tongue.

You still get that nostalgic feeling of childhood bliss; and all you need is a rack, a couple of buddies, and a pocket full of PUMP.


How To Use:
Consume 1 packet 15-30 minutes prior to physical activity. Pour directly into the mouth.


Key Ingredients


    An inositol-stabilized arginine silicate that has been shown to increase blood flow and muscle recovery.*
    Naturally created from the amino acid arginine, promotes cognitive focus and neurological health.*
  • VITAMIN B6 (as Pyridoxine HCI):
    Critical for normal brain development, and for keeping the nervous system and immune system healthy.*
  • VITAMIN B 12 (as Methylcobalamin):
    Key to overall well being. Helps to maintain blood and nerve cell health.*
    Essential to the body for optimal performance and vitality, the minerals found in Himalayan Rock Salt promote proper hydration and nutrient absorption.*
  • PANTOTHENIC ACID (as D-Calcium Pantothenate): Helps the body convert food into energy.* Critical to the production of red blood cells, and the making and breaking down of fats when combined with exercise.*


Source: https://www.buckedup.com/ 

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