Bucked Up - STAG Multivitamin

Bucked Up - STAG Multivitamin


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Bucked Up - STAG Multivitamin



30 Servings Per Bottle



 From The Brand:

STAG Multivitamin is the supplement every ambitious buck needs in their stack. You wouldn’t build your dream house on top of quicksand, so why would you ever consider building your physique on top of a poor foundation? Nothing hinders goals like vitamin deficiencies. Even with a healthy, balanced diet, it’s possible to be missing crucial vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function properly. STAG Multivitamin supplies all the vitamins and minerals your body and brain need for optimal function. If you want to build muscle, burn fat, or need to upgrade your quality of life, then lay down the foundation: STAG Multivitamin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Iron: Oxygen transportation and energy production
  • Vitamin D3: Cholesterol management, mood assistance, immune function
  • Vitamin A: Immune function, bone strength, and vision health
  • Vitamin E: Toxin protection (which can aid in immune health), healthy skin
  • Magnesium: Sleep quality, muscle recovery, and healthy free testosterone levels


Source: https://www.buckedup.com/ 

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