TheGymChef Garlic and Herb Seasoning

TheGymChef Garlic and Herb Seasoning


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Macro Friendly Seasoning

Sprinkle / Cook / Eat

Imported from UK


Seasoning blends contain:

  • No added salt

  • No added sugar

  • No additives

  • No preservatives

  • No Soya

  • High pepper content to help promote a Thermogenic reaction, aiming to increase metabolism. 

Gym Chef is a natural food company that started in gyms, known for our Macro Friendly seasoning blends - this means they are almost free of salt, low in fat, and have no added sugars, making them perfect for bodybuilders and anyone who cares about what they're seasoning their food with.

Sprinkle. Cook. Eat.
It's as simple as that: sprinkle 2-5g of seasoning on to your favourite meat or vegetables, cook, and then enjoy our great flavours without worrying about the ingredients.



TheGymChef’s Mission

Dieting doesn’t have to be boring with TheGymChef’s range of Macro Friendly Seasonings. Our products give you the #Reason2Season your healthy food choices. TheGymChef aims to provide clean eaters with everything they need to make their lives as easy and as fun as possible.

Why We Do It

Life is a journey, and at times it's hard. When you want to drop several pounds, or when you want to prep for a competition, you've got to focus and you've got to be disciplined about what you eat. And because life is hard you're going to hit times when you don't want to eat clean, when you just want to give up and reach for the burger, the chocolate bar or the takeaway menu.

But now you've got someone in your corner, pushing you forward, telling you to keep going. We're your spotter in the kitchen. Our little pots of flavour are your Tupperware heroes fighting the culinary fatigue that threatens your progress. The Gym Chef has got your back, and we're for real.

We don't add anything to our products that doesn't need to be there, and you'll be able to recognise our ingredients. You put so much effort into your workout to get results, and you spend so much time preparing meals the last thing you need is some ingredient you can't pronounce standing in your way. 

The Gym Chef knows about all of this, because we're going through it too. We're not some faceless corporation, we are one of you too. That's why the Gym Chef community is so important. Together we can be buddies in the kitchen, looking out for each other, sharing tips and recipes just like your buddies at the gym help you hit your goals.

With the Gym Chef in your kitchen, and our community at your fingertips together we can smash it.


TheGymChef was founded in 2015 by Gurpal Virdee, who developed his unique seasoning recipes to help with his own fitness goals. He shared his seasoning blends with friends at the gym and soon the word spread.

A diet of chicken and vegetables no longer had to be boring. Gurpal’s blends of herbs and spices “jazzed up” every meal. Before long Gurpal had developed a wide range of products and the time was right to turn TheGymChef into a proper operation.

There were some factors that were extremely important to Gurpal:

Macro Friendly Seasoning

Gurpal, as a gym-enthusiast himself, knew the importance of macros. What is the point of eating chicken and vegetables if you throw a load of seasoning on the top that’s heavy in sugar and salt?

Quality Ingredients

People who are serious about their bodies are also serious about their food. TheGymChef only uses the highest quality ingredients, carefully sourced.

Friendly with Everything

Gurpal knew that people have a wide range of dietary needs, so he wanted to create products that can used by people on specialist diets. TheGymChef’s range has as little salt as possible, the least amount of sugar that can be found in any like-for-like product, and has no gluten, no dairy, and is all produced in a nut free environment.

Looking for something else? Give us a call, we might have it, or can get it for you!

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