P28 High Protein Pancakes Buttermilk

P28 High Protein Pancakes Buttermilk


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P28 High Protein Pancake Mix

Buttermilk Buckwheat


 Buttermilk Buckwheat 

Our classic Buttermilk Pancake Mix is made with the highest quality protein on the market - whey protein isolate. With a delicious buttermilk taste, this mix is perfect for enjoying by itself or by adding in your favorite fruits!  



White Chocolate
This mix is a perfect balance between sweet and savory! Made with real white chocolate, this mix will satisfy any sweet tooth while providing a nutritious meal!   

Chocolate Coconut
Our Chocolate Coconut Pancake Mix is made with real chocolate and coconut. These flavors come together to create an extremely delicious and nutritious pancake!  


Strawberries n' Cream
Our Strawberries n' Cream Pancake Mix is perfect for any time of the day!  Morning, Lunch, or Dinner - this mix will satisfy all with its highly addicting flavor!  


Our P28 High Protein Pancakes are a healthy twist on a classic dish. 

Our pancakes are the perfect option for those leading a healthy lifestyle who don't want to give up their favorite dishes. P28 Pancakes are a hearty breakfast staple that is perfect for both adults and children. 

Our pancake mix is formulated to provide you energy and nutrition when you need it most. With a great balance of protein and carbohydrates, our P28 Pancakes are an excellent addition to any meal. 

Extremely convenient and easy to prepare! Just add water! 

- 28g PROTEIN (per two pancakes) 
- Made with Whey Isolate, the highest quality source of protein.
- Made with Natural Ingredients 
- 0 Trans Fat
- No GMO Ingredients 
- No artificial preservatives
- No high fructose corn syrup
- No artificial flavors
- No aluminum based leaveners  

P28 Buttermilk Buckwheat nutrition facts



P28 high protein foods logo


P28 is dedicated to providing high protein food products to make your
meals healthier and more delicious. No longer do you have to consume products that
are filled with unhealthy preservatives and unnecessary ingredients. With P28, we formulated
our products with only the healthiest and highest quality ingredients available.
We want to be a part of your journey to a healthy lifestyle.
Real food. Real results.


P28 was developed by three brothers in the bakery business, with the help of their personal trainer/nutritionist. The three of us were overweight and out of shape. We wanted to lose weight and get back into shape quickly.

The first thing we did was join a local gym. Our personal trainer sat us down before we started our workout program and explained that nutrition was just as important as working out. We started working out regularly and made some changes in our diets. After months in the gym, we were not seeing the results we expected.


We soon realized that exercising alone wasn’t enough. We began to understand our trainer’s beliefs of how important proper nutrition was in our diets in order to reach our fitness goals.

Growing up in the baking business, one thing we didn’t want to give up was bread. We wanted to develop a healthy line of bread products that not only helped us reach our fitness goals, but also was enjoyable to eat every day. We wanted someone with fitness and nutrition experience involved with the development of our products. Our personal trainer who is an experienced all natural body builder/nutritionist was our first choice.

Once he heard about our idea while we were training, he was excited to become a partner in this product line. He also strongly believed in the need for nutritious bread products for anyone who wanted to reach their fitness goals.

In 2008, after a year of development, we introduced P28 Bread. P28 is the first Original High Protein Bread on the market. We now offer this quality product to you as part of your family’s healthy lifestyle.


P28 Foods currently offers Bread, Bagels, Wraps, Spreads, and Pancakes. You can now find our products in 10 countries and over 8,000 retail locations across the world.  


As consumers increasingly become aware of the benefits of a healthy, high protein diet, the demand for P28 products has consistently grown at a rapid pace. Our promise to our customers is to constantly research and develop healthy new food alternatives for all to enjoy and benefit from nutritiously. 


P28 High Protein Bread

P28 High Protein Spreads



P28 Breads, Bagels, Flat Breads:
From the time CORE-HB receives the product, we would have approximately 10-12 days of shelf life if stored at normal room temperature.  However, we immediately freeze the Bread, Bagels, and Flat Bread, which will then extend the life up to 6 months!   If you've choosing to have the product mailed to you vs in-store pickup, realize the shipping time from us to you will deduct days from the 10-12 day shelf life.  We highly recommend you freezing the product upon arrival as well; and pulling from freezer on a daily basis as needed.  (so disregard "best by date" on product so long as its within 6 months of date you are good to go!)

P28 Spreads & Pancakes:
The P28 High Protein Spreads & Protein Pancakes should recommend storing them at room temperature. Do not freeze or refrigerate your Spreads. Once opened, your Spreads will last up to 3 months! 

Looking for something else? Give us a call, we might have it, or can get it for you!

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