MHP Instant Protein Pudding Mix

MHP Instant Protein Pudding Mix

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MHP Instant Protein Pudding Mix


Chocolate Donut & Vanilla Frosting


15g Protein | 100 Calories | Gluten Free


1 Packet | Box of 6 Packets


MHP’s Instant Protein Pudding Mix provides the ultimate convenience of an instant mix, on the go protein pudding that you can enjoy anywhere. Just add two ounces of water and spoon stir, and you have yourself an amazingly delicious and healthy 100 calorie snack with 15g of protein and no added sugars. It’s also Gluten-Free.


In addition to providing an incredibly convenient snack food, MHP has developed a unique system that delivers a rich and creamy pudding consistency that will keep you coming back for more. Our flavors include Vanilla Frosting and Chocolate Donut flavored by FlavorGod.


mhp instant protein pudding mix sale


mhp instant protein pudding nutrition facts label


flavor god chocolate donut pudding with mhp

A Perfect Collaboration...

Made With REAL Flavor God Chocolate Donut


flavor god chocolate donut seasoning

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