Metabolic Nutrition Thermokal

Metabolic Nutrition Thermokal


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Stimulant Sensitive Weight Loss Solution

45 servings per bottle

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We all want to get as lean as possible, and that means burning more calories while maintaining that hard-earned lean muscle. The problem is, as soon as you start dieting, your metabolism can slow down, training intensity can dwindle and the end result is nasty food cravings, subpar workouts and your physique looking flat as a board. Worse yet, if you are among the unlucky few, your body may go into panic mode and start storing fat while burning through muscle.*

Metabolic Nutrition ThermoKal is designed to revamp the way you approach recomposition, which is burning fat while maintaining lean muscle. It works to increase your calorie burn by raising core temperature to help you lose that stubborn body fat while helping you keep muscle with its powerful calorie partitioning effects. This helps your body shuttle dietary carbohydrates and fats where you want them (muscle) and away from where you don’t (fat), creating the ultimate 1-2 punch of body recomposition.*

Lastly, in an over-stimulated world, we know that the last thing you want is that uncomfortable ‘stimmed out’ feeling that accompanies those ‘other fat burners’. Metabolic Nutrition ThermoKal is designed with the stimulant-sensitive in mind, utilizing a powerful ‘feel good’ caffeine free formula to help you burn calories and stubborn body fat while holding onto lean muscle. The result is the fast track to helping you attain the lean, muscular physique you’ve always wanted.*


  • Increase core temperature for maximum calorie burn*
  • Caffeine-free for use any time of day*
  • Optimize calorie partitioning to improve body composition & muscle definition*
  • Powerful, long-lasting thermogenic*


  • Stimulates the uptake of glucose into muscle cells*
  • Helps improve insulin sensitivity*
  • Reduces glucose production in the liver*
  • Boosts fat oxidation at the cellular level*
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties*


  • Stimulates loss of brown adipose (fat) tissue*
  • Can help increase energy expenditure*


  • Helps facilitate utilization of energy substrates*
  • Helps stimulate metabolic processes and favors uptake of amino acids into muscle*
  • Mild hunger suppression effects*
  • Stimulates fat loss and energy expenditure*


  • Natural pepper extract that can increase metabolism and fight inflammation*


  • Helps reduce fat uptake by the cells*
  • Increases metabolism and core temperature*
  • Improves mental cognition*


  • Inhibits adenosine, which decreases feelings of fatigue*
  • Supports positive mood and heightened motivation to exercise*
  • Diminished adaptation: No typical “adaptation” like other stimulants*


  • Stimulates Alpha receptors to help trigger fat loss*
  • May help reduce body fat in ‘trouble areas’*
  • Reduce hunger sensation*


  • May aid in lowering cholesterol*
  • Can help with controlling blood sugar*


  • Shown to increase the absorption of other ingredients to increase overall effectiveness*

TeaCrine® is a registered trademark and protected by Patents Pending, Serial No.61/903,362; under exclusive global distribution by Compound Solutions, Inc. Capsimax® trademark belongs to OmniActive Health Technologies. Kinetiq® and its logo are trademarks of Novel Ingredients. Paradoxine™ is a registered trademark of Genabolix, Inc.

What is Thermokal?

  • THERMOKAL is a scientifically designed caffeine-free fat burning, thermogenic agent that combines ingredients to help increase metabolic activity and provide sustained energy throughout the day.

How does Thermokal work?

  • The ingredients in THERMOKAL have been combined to increase thermogenic activity, accelerate your metabolism, mobilize fat and sugars and provide more energy all day long by activating key aspects of cellular metabolism. Additionally, you will notice that your hunger is more satiated and that you will have more focus and clarity throughout the day due to the unique blend of ingredients that amp you up, while controlling anxiety.

Why should I use Thermokal?

  • If you are stimulant sensitive and want to have ripped and defined physique, or just looking to shed a few pounds, then THERMOKAL, when dosed properly, can take your results to a new level of lean. Realize however, that just trying to use a thermogenic agent without exercising may not produce results as rapidly as you would like. Additionally, unlike stimulant based thermogenics, THERMOKAL can be taken at night time without disturbing sleep for extended fat burning and weight loss.

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