Metabolic Nutrition GlycoLoad 1200g (Select Flavors)

Metabolic Nutrition GlycoLoad 1200g (Select Flavors)


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Muscle Glycogen Loading Carbohydrate

15g Carbohydrate / 1 scoop; 60 servings per bottle

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Metabolic Nutrition’s GlycoLoad, is a scientifically developed carbohydrate supplement which specifically targets Glycogen production in the body, giving you the ability to properly “carb-load” your muscles without the negative side effects of carbohydrate/sugar intake turning to unwanted body fat.† Glycogen is the key form of energy storage in your body and is critical to fuel ATP for muscular contraction, blood vessel dilation, increased vascularity, and for hydrating muscles…giving you a lean, hard, more defined look that all athletes aspire to obtain. Carb-Loading has been practiced by athletes for decades, but even complex training methods and diets have often failed due to the inability to properly absorb & store the rapid high dose of fast sugars that are often consumed.

Unlike multi-carbohydrate powders which function uncontrollably in the body, GlycoLoad’s uniquely developed single high-molecular weight; low osmolality carbohydrate was specifically designed to function in only one way…to load glycogen into the muscles.† The unique carbohydrate structure found in GlycoLoad, does not process through stomach-digestion like regular carbohydrates, rather it enters the lower GI track (small intestine) for slow assimilation into the blood stream.† This steady absorption optimizes insulin levels, allowing more GlycoLoad to enter the blood stream for higher conversion to Glycogen in the muscles.† More Glycogen in the body leads to increased muscle size, endurance and strength…not to mention the improved muscle recovery after long strenuous exercise.† GlycoLoad is further strengthened by unique peptide-bonded glycogen promoting pharmaceutical amino acids, powerful antioxidants, critical electrolytes and insulin mimicking pre-cursers. The addition of these specific ingredients insure that every gram of carbohydrate in GlycoLoad is effectively absorbed for prolonged workout energy, maximal recovery and rapid glycogen replenishment.† The best part, GlycoLoad’s powerful, small-dose format is easier to mix and digest, eliminating gas, cramping and bloating†, making it perfect for the beginner to the advanced user.

GlycoLoad provides everything you need to make the most out of your workouts with several great tasting and easy to mix flavors that will have your taste buds craving it again and again. GlycoLoad also comes in an unflavored version, so you can add it to your favorite pre-workout or protein supplement.



What is GlycoLoad and how does it work?

  • GlycoLoad is a single high molecular weight, low osmolality carbohydrate that specifically targets Glycogen production in the body, giving you the ability to properly “carb-load” your muscles without the negative side effects of carbohydrate/sugar intake turning to unwanted body fat.†

  • GlycoLoad uses a highly branched cyclic dextrin which is formed by using a branching enzyme on specific amylopectin starches to form complex, high molecular weight structures. It has long glycosidal chains making it digestive acid resistance while maintaining its high energy value. This high molecular weight, low osmolality ingredient makes it highly soluble in liquid while allowing it to bypass the stomach reducing gastric issues typically found in complex carb products. Thus, GlycoLoad enters the bloodstream and target tissues providing a long term source of carbohydrate energy which is perfect for high intensity exercise.†

    The addition of rapid absorbing ingredients (amino acids) in GlycoLoad help to increase the muscle’s ability to rebuild faster and continue to build long after your training session. When using GlycoLoad, you will notice increased energy and strength throughout your day, which helps maintain power and strength, allowing you to work harder and stronger all the way through your workouts. In addition, for those who exercise at extreme intensities wearing down glycogen stores, GlycoLoad will help maintain and replenish those levels. GlycoLoad can be taken anytime of the day, but may have a more powerful effect if consumed immediately following exercise.†

Why is GlycoLoad better than other complex carbohydrate products?

  • Most carb products use a variety of carbs including those which are faster acting, even when considered complex. GlycoLoad Clustered Dextrin from natural Amylopectin sources means that you get the good carb effect due to its chemical structures previously described. Unlike other carbs that either clump, are too sweet, require too much, or cause gastric issues, the specific nature of GlycoLoad ensures less cramping and more bioavailability. This means you can take less and get more out of it.† GlycoLoad doesn’t have that thick shake-like feel to it, so it is perfect on hot days, or for those who want quick and easy mixing and it comes in several flavors so that it can be consumed on its own or stacked with other products.

    Many carb products cause weight gain due to the high carb load without being able to utilize it all. But even more so, GlycoLoad adds key amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to the mix so that you get more than just a glycogen loading or energy fulfilling effect, but you gain the advantage of back-side recovery! Our unique formulation allows just about anyone to use GlycoLoad whether looking for huge mass or just a little additional lean muscle. And finally, GlycoLoad has a dosed-response scoop and serving size suggestion which means you can dial in the exact amount you need based on your energy levels, the other products you stack, and your body size, for maximal results.†

Why should I use GlycoLoad?

  • If you want to build larger, more defined muscle and improve overall recovery time, then GlycoLoad, when dosed properly, can take your training up several notches. Those looking to have more energy for their endurance activities and get more out of their muscle-building workouts by being able to train harder and longer, will find GlycoLoad will deliver on demand, rapidly, and for prolonged periods.

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