Know Better Protein Cookie Cinnamon

Know Better Protein Cookie Cinnamon

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Know Foods - Protein Cookie


Lemon Protein Cookie


1 Cookie | Box 8 Cookies


 8g Protein Per Cookie


Grain & Gluten Free | 3g Net Carbs | Keto Friendly

know better protein cookies

 New 2.01oz Size



Eat Better Cookies

They're soft, they're chewy, they're delicious,
and oh-so-clean. We're not saying you shouldn't eat cookies, 
just replace them with something BETTER.


Cleaner is Better.

KNOW Better Cookies are made with real food ingredients like almonds, flax, and chia instead of chemicals and empty carbs.


Allulose: The Sugar-Free Sugar

These cookies are sweetened with Allulose, "the sugar-free sugar." It's a real, rare sugar with 1/10th the calories of regular sugar and none of the blood sugar impact. It's found in nature in things like figs and maple syrup, and now in delicious KNOW Better Cookies.



know better protein cookie cinnamon nutrition facts label



Wait... there's SUGAR in this?!
It's not what you think!


Better Cookies

are sweetened with allulose,
the "sugar-free sugar."


It's a real, rare sugar, found in things like figs and maple syrup, with only 1/10th the calories of cane sugar and none of the blood sugar impact.


In fact, some research has shown that allulose can even reduce your blood sugar!


Tastes like Real Sugar

Luckily, it has all the deliciously satisfying sweetness of regular sugar. Because it IS sugar... just BETTER.



KNOW Foods: Better than Good.

At KNOW Foods, good is never good enough. Our mission is to help you eat better, feel better and be better.
That’s why KNOW Foods products are better, low carb versions of your favorite snacks, made with real, clean ingredients, and none of the grains, gluten or sugar.
Our products are perfect for a range of lifestyles including low carb, keto, and anyone else who wants snacks that are better than good.

Looking for something else? Give us a call, we might have it, or can get it for you!

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