Dr. Formulated Relax & Restore Powder (Select Flavor/Size)

Dr. Formulated Relax & Restore Powder (Select Flavor/Size)


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50 Serving or 100 Serving Powder

3 Flavors

MSRP: $22.95-39.95


  • Whole Food Magnesium
  • Made Using USA-grown Organic Peas
  • 350mg Magnesium
  • Contains Live Probiotics—1 Billion CFU
  • Fizzy Drink Before Bedtime





If you are like most Americans, your dietary consumption of magnesium is less than ideal.  Recent statistics reveal that close to 75% of Americans are consuming less than the recommended daily allowance of magnesium. Magnesium ranks among the most important trace elements in the human diet as it plays a central role in facilitating the function of over 300 critical enzymes.  These are enzymes that have important tasks in facilitating our day-to-day metabolic functions as well as manufacturing DNA and proteins and even managing how our cells are able to power themselves from the food sources we provide.


So it’s no wonder that low magnesium levels are correlated with so many health-related issues.  Signs of magnesium deficiency involve all the body’s major systems and include: Irritability, Anxiety, Lethargy, Fatigue, Memory problems, Anorexia, Loss of Appetite, Seizures, Muscle Weakness, Muscle cramps, Tremors, Vertigo, Difficulty swallowing, and Irregular or rapid heartbeat.


So if you’re feeling tired, having problems sleeping or dealing with stress in your life, it’s time to Relax & Restore!  Dr. Formulated whole food magnesium Relax & Restore powder is a delicious, fizzy drink to help calm and relax you so you can get a better night’s sleep, while restoring your body’s optimal magnesium levels.


Relax & Restore features the first-ever whole food magnesium made using our finest USA-grown organic peas, as well as, live probiotics—1 billion CFU—to support healthy digestion and regularity.


Dr. Formulated Relax & Restore Benefits

  • Supports relaxation and restores optimal magnesium levels while providing a better night’s sleep
  • Well tolerated—no gastric side effects
  • Contains the probiotics Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Lactobacillus acidophilus—1 billion CFU—to support healthy digestion, utilization and regularity


So, if you’re feeling stressed out or unable to sleep well, you should consider taking Relax & Restore at bedtime to help you de-stress and get a good night’s sleep.



To learn more, take a look at the Dr. Formulated complete program.




*Supplement Facts Vary Slightly by Flavor - Original Shown Here


A leading expert on the human microbiome, America’s brain health expert and #1 New York Times best-selling author, David Perlmutter, M.D., is a board-certified neurologist and a fellow of the American College of Nutrition—the only doctor in the country with both of these credentials.

Additionally, Dr. Perlmutter is a founding member and fellow of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. He truly provides exceptional insight and a unique perspective on the role of nutrition in health, particularly as it applies to the human microbiome.

That’s why we sought to enlist his professional services for formulating our new line of products—and he readily accepted.

Together, we’re pleased to present the fruits of our collaborative labors—our Dr. Formulated product line, designed to nourish your microbial “garden of life.”

But what is the human microbiome and how is it related to overall health?

Believe it or not, our bodies are mostly bacteria. True, we have human cells, but our bacterial cells outnumber our human cells by 10-to-1 and make up our microbiome—a collection of trillions of microbes living in and on the human body. Our microbiome plays an essential role in our health, too, since it may be responsible for a variety of metabolic and developmental processes such as brain function, food digestion and vitamin synthesis. The truth is that when you feed yourself, you are also feeding the trillions of bacteria—hundreds of bacterial species—in your microbiome.

We like to call the microbiome a “garden of life,” since it’s filled with a variety of flora, including gut flora, also known as intestinal flora (bacteria) or gut microbiota, that requires being tended to appropriately with healthy food, nutrients and lifestyle choices in order to flourish and to support overall health.

In fact, scientists have reason to believe that the kinds of bacteria that live in our guts determine whether some people have extraordinary health and some have not-so-extraordinary health. The good news is that the human microbiome can be influenced by what you eat and your lifestyle habits because, like any thriving garden, your microbiome needs to be properly cultivated, fertilized, nourished and cared for.


Tend Your Microbial Garden

Tending your microbial garden can lead to greater health, including healthy digestion which is essential because every one of our cells, tissues and organs depends on nutrient absorption and assimilation of food via healthy digestion—and probiotics, enzymes and fiber are key players. Before talking about probiotics, let’s discuss prebiotics. They are specialized, indigestible plant fibers acting as “fertilizer” to promote existing good bacteria already in the gut and serve as “food” for probiotics—live bacteria promoting beneficial bacteria population in the gut.

Probiotics support healthy digestion, synthesis of vitamins, absorption of minerals, production of B vitamins and certain enzymes, immune health and much more. When we don’t get enough good bacteria—probiotics—there can be negative effects on digestion and overall health. Digestive enzymes break down large food molecules into smaller units that can be absorbed by the blood and into cells so the body is properly nourished, while food enzymes are in raw, uncooked foods. In fact, most raw foods contain the exact enzymes your body needs to digest those foods. You require a variety of enzymes, too, since different enzymes are necessary for full digestion.

Fiber creates a hospitable environment for friendly bacteria, but you need enough good bacteria for maximum fiber benefits. Fiber also normalizes transit time—how long it takes food to pass through the digestive tract. Another fiber perk is that various areas of the digestive tract absorb different, essential nutrients, and fiber helps to move foods’ nutrients to those areas so that your body can be properly nourished.

In short, probiotics, enzymes and fiber can lead t o great digestion, and when y our gut functions w ell, then you do, too. Among other things, a health y gut is the gate keeper for life-sustaining nutrients and protects us from any threats from the external environment. The digestive system is also home to up to 80 percent of immune system cells—the first line of defense for health.

Probiotics, enzymes and fiber—they help your microbial garden blossom.


Support Your Microbiome With a Complete Program Featuring Dr. Formulated Probiotics, Enzymes and Fiber

It’s important to include all elements of the Dr. Formulated line—the complete program—including probiotics, enzymes and fiber. These three go hand-in-hand to cultivate, fertilize and nourish your microbial garden. Dr. Formulated products have been designed to fit your microbiome needs, including condition-specific formulas for those seeking specialized support.



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