Barlean's Organic Greens Powder

Barlean's Organic Greens Powder


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30 Servings / 8.46oz Powder

• Nature’s Perfect Superfood
• Dense Green Food Concentrates
• Plant-Based Protein, Vitamins and Minerals
• Herbal Antioxidants and Tonics
• Flax Lignans
• Probiotics and Enzymes
• Vegan, Soy Free, Non-GMO, Gluten Free


Power Up Your Day with Nature's Perfect Superfood

Everyone can benefit from the vitalizing nutrients in plants! They are fundamental for energy, detoxification, fighting free-radical damage, and providing loads of nature’s best antioxidants.  Our powdered greens formulas are easy to add into your daily diet—mix them into smoothies, shakes, juice, milk, yogurt or water. They disperse easily and are vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO and have no added sugar. They also provide a powerful dose of whole food nutrition, which can help you achieve your recommended servings of fruits and vegetables for only about 30 calories per serving. Barlean's powdered greens formulas are perfect for those who are trying to cut calories and still feel energized.

Our original USDA organic, gluten free and non-GMO, Greens are a great-tasting, premium superfood, masterfully formulated with nature's most vitalizing plant-based ingredients. Every whole food ingredient is responsibly grown and third-party tested to guarantee the absolute highest quality and purity. Perfect for the person who wants the most power packed greens available, plus fiber from flaxseed, digestive support from enzymes and probiotics and carefully crafted antioxidant and herbal tonic blends.







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