Ballsy Nut Rub Solid Cologne Body Scent

Ballsy Nut Rub Solid Cologne Body Scent


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Nut Rub


Solid Cologne

Refreshing Scented Body Rub


1 oz Tin


by Ballsy



Nut Rub is the way natural cologne should be done. Solid, portable and ready for action on any and ALL parts of your body.

Now available in three incrediabll scents including Ocean & Air (original scent), Smoke & Suede and Citrus & Cedar.


The original Nut Rub scent closely modeled after the same incredibly clean scent we use in Ballwash, Nut Rub Ocean & Air captures the freshness of aquatic territory, crushed mint leaves, warm brown sugar and the zest of a lemon.


This masculine scent opens with top notes of saffron and crushed herbs followed by a multi-faceted heart of a smoked suede and soft florals. A base of rich amber, sensual leather, cedarwood and sheer musk brings this composition to a warm finish.


An intriguing combination of woods and dark spices delivers the feeling of upscale sophistication. Bergamot, black pepper and crisp herbaceous notes fuse with rich elements of amber, patcholui, musk and cedarwood for a natural, fresh and earthy appeal. 

(1oz) Lasts on average 2 months with daily use.


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Sunflower Seed Oil, Fragrance, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Cetyl Alcohol Shea Butter

To use, simply unscrew the cap, rub a healthy amount of solid cologne on your fingertips and apply on the fly to areas that you want to smell fresh! Yes that includes your 🌰🌰s.

ballwash, keep the funk off your junk




ballwash for your nuts


As with all good ideas, this one started in the shower. As I grabbed that same tired bottle of men’s drugstore body wash, and poured that neon blue liquid into my hand it hit me. Why am I using a $4 body wash that has more chemicals and words that I can pronounce than I care to admit? 

I deserve better, my body deserves better, my boys deserve better than this. And that’s when I decided to create a product that I wanted to start my day with, a product that makes me feel great and smells great in the process.

I also knew that I didn't want to create a typical type of body wash, so I decided immediately on calling it Ballwash and making the ingredients something I'd feel great about putting in contact with my most prized possessions.

After some time in the lab, we found the perfect combination of natural ingredients combined with the power of activated charcoal which is known for its powers of trapping toxins and chemicals drawing out bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and micro-particles to the surface of the skin.



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