Metabolic Nutrition P.S.P. (Select Flavor)

Metabolic Nutrition P.S.P. (Select Flavor)


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45 servings per container

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P.S.P. (Physique Stimulating Pre-Workout) is the most effective, nitric-oxide boosting, fast-acting non-stimulant pre-workout on the market. P.S.P. offers vein-splitting, muscle pumping, strength and power in every scoop.*

P.S.P. is a dosed-controlled non-stimulant pre-workout product designed to improve your energy during your workout and fueling your recovery post-workout. Along with its energy delivering muscle stimulating power, P.S.P. reduces fatigue and allows you to finish your workout strong. Using our 1 to 3 scoop serving suggestion, you determine the amount you use so that you can dial in your need based on the workout you are doing. The scientifically engineered combination of blood-pumping rapid absorbing ingredients, P.S.P. provides laser-like focus without the high stimulant post-crash drop off commonly seen in other pre-workout products. With P.S.P., getting skin-ripping pumps and blowing past your PRs has never been so easy.*



What is P.S.P. and how does it work?

  • P.S.P. is a scientifically designed non-stimulant pre-workout drink that combines ingredients to help increase blood flow, providing long-lasting pumps, improve energy and endurance, give you laser-like focus, and stimulate your desire to exercise harder and longer.
  • The rapid absorbing ingredients in P.S.P. help to increase the nitric oxide response which increases blood flow to the working muscles. The increased blood flow gives you vein-splitting pumps but also acts to help with during-workout recovery, as well as providing a constant nutrient supply while you exercise. Our Tri-PEP and glycogen-loading specific ingredients help provide the critical constituents to enhance muscle-building during your workout and will help continue the process post workout as well. We added specific ingredients to give you clear focus as to the task at hand so that you can work out longer and stay engaged. When using P.S.P., you will notice your energy does not drop off, which helps maintain power and strength, allowing you to work harder and stronger all the way through your workout.

What is the difference between P.S.P and E.S.P.?

  • The main differences between E.S.P. and P.S.P. is found in the use of stimulants, specific branched chain amino acids and arginine based aminos, as well as use of creatine. E.S.P. is our highly effective stimulant-based pre-workout to help you get amped up and ready for battle, where P.S.P., is our non-stimulant pre-workout designed to help you fight the battle both during and on the backside. P.S.P. combines different nootropics for focus and adds the amino acids and creatine to help focus on muscle development. As well P.S.P. uses a specific form of glycerol and arginine along with citrulline to help improve blood flow and provide a pump for those looking for that muscle-engorged feeling.

Why is P.S.P. better than other pump pre-workout formulas?

  • Most pre-workout products are just high stimulant energy enhancers, that fail to address some of the other important needs of pre-workout preparation such as aiding in muscle building and recovery. P.S.P. blends it’s highly effective Tri-PEP Branched Chain Amino Acid and Creatine Glycerol Phosphate, along with several other key ingredients to ensure you start recovering immediately. Additionally, P.S.P. uses specific ingredients to enhance and maintain blood flow, not only to help increase vascularity, but help provide more nutrients to the muscle during your workout and long after. To further assist your workout, P.S.P. helps you focus on your task by utilizing specific ingredients, ensuring you will maintain your power output through the entire workout without fatigue. And finally, P.S.P. has a dosed-response scoop and serving size suggestion which means you can dial in the exact amount you need based on your energy levels, the other products you stack, and your body size, prior to your workout.

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